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Like most of us, you occasionally look in the mirror and dream of having an unforgettable smile. That dream can come true with our important stages in cosmetic dentistry: Dream, Design, Perfect, then Complete.

Before any makeover begins, we spend hours consulting with our clients about the shape, color, and alignment of their new teeth. We pay special attention to the present bite and whether it needs adjusting to create balance and harmony of the jaw joints. The bite is important since it is the starting point in building a new smile design. A solid and stable bite is a successful smile design that will allow proper chewing and will enhance health and beauty

Whether one desires a young smile, a mature smile, a feminine smile, or a masculine smile, the shape of the teeth can be contoured to reflect those attributes. We help our clients decide which teeth shapes work the best based on shape of the face, where gum position is, and how the lips fall against the teeth and frame the smile. EVERY SMILE MAKEOVER IS COMPLETELY UNIQUE AND PERSONALIZED

Next, models are made to create the perfect tooth form and correct function. Once the models have been approved, the prototype is created by one of the award-winning ceramist. In this stage, the temporary smile is fitted on your client. You cannot truly tell how someone’s smile will look until it is in their mouth. So our clients get to “test drive” their new smile before we make their final veneers. This is always the “WOW” moment of this journey, when our clients see the dramatic change in their appearance for the first time, and without exception express significant emotions. The most important feature of this stage is that we perfect the temporary smile while it is in the mouth. We ensure it’s just right and our clients are satisfied.

Once the lab finishes the actual veneers, our client gets to preview them on their mouth prior to the bonding process. This way, OUR GUEST IS ALWAYS HAPPY.



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